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No Cash @ Wilde Rose Keller (Bamberg)

Liebe Freundinnen und Freunden,

Next Friday we will be again playing in our beloved Bamberg! This time the event will take place in Wilde Rose Keller. We are really looking forward to it. Don’t miss it out! 😉

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Stilbruch Parrty (Bamberg) – No Cash + DJ Mahoney’s Jukebox

Liebe Leute!
Am nächsten Donnerstag, dem 14 April, spielen wir in Stillbruch, Bamberg
For the first time we are playing in Stilbruch, Bamberg. It is gonna be a super party, with DJ Mahoney’s Jukebox!
It is gonna be a super nice concert, we may be preparing new songs for you to listen, sing and dance!

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Somo pics from our last concert in Bamberg

Here you go!
Thanks for such a wonderful night 🙂
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We have tons of new pin badges!!!! 😀 😀

you can get them at Friday’s show in Bamberg (Mondschein) or at any of our next gigs!

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Erste 2016 Party mit No Cash

Liebe Leute!

Am nächsten Freitag, dem 5 Februar, spielen wir in Mondschein, Bamberg
It is gonna be a super nice concert, we may be preparing new songs for you to listen, sing and dance!

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Liebe Leute,

We are very happy to announce that we will welcome the New Year playing at Sächsischer Bahnhof (Erfurtstraße 19, 07545 Gera). We will play a show with the two bands, Malasañers and No Cash. It will be an awesome party.
For more details please check
Tickets can be bought here:

We are so excited and looking forward the 31st!

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Pics from Spain [part 2]

More pics from the gig we played in The Green.

Thanks Santiago for the photos!

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What a great show with Reverendo & the New Preacher Boys!


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